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. . . putting smiles on the faces of the people


The Uche Ogah Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental charitable organization established in the year 2011 by Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah. The Foundation was established to coordinate and harmonize the philanthropic efforts of Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah. The major thrust is to alleviate the sufferings of the less privileged persons in our communities and society through education and empowerment.

The Uche Ogah foundation is dedicated in its effort to empower youths with vocational skill trainings which gives them access to job opportunities and self employment, encourage and support the indigents to receive quality education in higher institutions of learning across the nation, empower people with equipments and capital to start up their businesses as gateway to poverty alleviation in the nation.

Over the years, The Uche Ogah Foundation through its programs has touched lots of lives, given hope to dying persons, instilled good values into our youths, established widows with sustainable means of livelihood and provided the physically challenged with aids that could make them actualize their God given potentials.

The overall goal of the Foundation is to as much as possible, reduce poverty and unemployment to the barest minimum, through provision of need related assistance to the indigents in our society. The Foundation does not just provide assistance and empowerment on a one off scale but goes the full length of monitoring, supervising and guiding beneficiaries of its programs to meaningful deployment
of resources.


To be a foremost foundation committed to the empowerment of the underprivileged in our community and beyond


To assist the less privileged people and communities to realize their full potentials through education and empowerment. 


Our Philosophy
Putting smiles on the faces of the people


Our actions and operations are guided by values which give impetus to its existence and drive all our actions. These values articulate the ideals that the Foundation aspires to propagate and shapes the behavior of the Foundation in pursuing its goals in discharging its obligations.


We consistently demonstrate highest level of honesty and transparency in all our dealings and maintaining highest integrity at all times; and accept responsibility for our actions without compromising the truth.

The Foundation cherishes and thrives in openness and full disclosure in all activities. We are accessible and duty bound to remain transparent as a way of sustaining support and goodwill.

The Foundation is committed to its vision and mission; working with urgency and precision to deliver results.

The Foundation develops, implements and shares new ideas and creative ways of doing things with the aim of achieving our goals

The Uche Ogah Foundation in brief

    The Uche Ogah Foundation in carrying out their mission of assisting the less privileged people and communities to realize their full potentials work in many areas, the major areas of our work are Skill Development Program, Empowerment Program, Scholarship Program, Health Care Program, Women Empowerment program, Educational Institution Support Program, Persons with Disability and Leadership Trainings program.
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