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Nigerian widows like other widows across the world are one of the most vulnerable groups in the society. They belong to the downtrodden class, whose interest are mostly represented by Non-Governmental Organizations, civil society and human rights groups. 

These groups raise concern over the sordid conditions to which widows are being subjected to. They are exposed to indiscriminate abuses, and they bear the scars of their stigmatization in a society.

In Nigeria, widowhood is becoming a painful moment in the lives of its victims. In addition to certain harmful practices against widows, more socio-economic challenges they face are forcing them to imbibe some unethical and immoral strategies to survive.

Due to these hard conditions which they face to survive, The Uche Ogah Foundation organizes this program to reach these widows. The Foundation in order to better the lives of these widows empowers those young widows still in their active age with basic skills which they can learn to help them raise their families. The elderly widows among them who have no helper are placed on monthly allowances to help them cater for their needs.

Through this program lots of widows have been empowered and made experience of widowhood less burdensome. Over 50 widows are currently on monthly allowances.

The Uche Ogah Foundation in brief
  The Uche Ogah Foundation in carrying out their mission of assisting the less privileged people and communities to realize their full potentials work in many areas, the major areas of our work are Skill Development Program, Empowerment Program, Scholarship Program, Health Care Program, Women Empowerment program, Educational Institution Support Program, Persons with Disability and Leadership Trainings program.
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